Hey Love!

Welcome Friend

I am soooo happy that you have landed on my website. We are going to be great friends.

I know a little bit about you already. Energetically at least.

I know it is not a mistake that you are reading this. There is something here for you: something that calls to your soul. I wonder what it is.

What an adventure we can have finding out!

That recognition – or resonance – is a matching of the energy vibration we are demonstrating – perhaps I had better introduce my Self – before you click away thinking ‘what a strange website …’

I am Elaine, a multi-passionate; a renaissance soul, if you will. A multi-faceted creative. Basically, I’m into lots of things. Here come some labels: artist, crafter, designer, tech-nerd, book maker, writer, drummer, chanter, flingerer of glitter, lover of little bits of glorious paper, fearless-art-adventurer, compassionate-seeker-of-the-artist-within. Maker-upperer of silly words. 

Over the years I’ve tried to pin myself down to one thing ‘my calling’; to specialise and let the other stuff fall away. It didn’t work. Nowadays I tend to think in terms of ‘projects’. I receive inspiration and make a series of paintings, or craft some cards or gifts, or make a(nother) book. or host a drumming/chanting/dancing day. So it’s all here. I trust you find what you need. You can leave the rest (or explore if you feel like it, sometimes what we really need is underneath what catches our eye at first glance. Just sayin’).


Everything is an outpouring of Grace

I am in gratitude for that – whatever form it takes

Still reading? Wonderful. Delve deeper …..


click on the buddha to explore all things arty. My art blog, art courses, exhibitions & events, galleries and if you see something that touches your heart, my art for sale.

The blog is my journey into art and how it has changed me. I’ve taught myself over the last three years and the blog contains much about the courses I have done and how they have transformed me as a person and as an artist. You will also find posts about what I am creating as well as fun techniques I am learning and my daily spiritual-art practice. Blogging is an edge for me. I still wrestle with ‘who is going to want to read about this?’ and ‘why would anyone find that interesting?’ I’m experimenting as I go! I would love to know that you are out there and that I am not posting to myself. Comments would be a joy …



click on the candles to explore is about navigating the two worlds in which we walk; reconciling our human experience with our Spiritual Truth. In other words; living a creative life, full of inspiration and wellbeing.

The blog is how I reconcile my human experience with Spiritual Truth. And how I don’t. Mystical ponderings, Metaphysical Wisdom, Meditations, healing services I offer


click on the note cards to explore my shop for lovingly-made gifts. Note cards (obviously), Greetings Cards, Handmade Journals, Pretty little boxes filled with quirky delights, anything that my heart called to make really … not your conventional shop – which won’t surprise you – the packaging is almost as important to me as what it contains because I want you to have the fullest experience of joy when you open the box.

I blog on there too about the crafts I make and what inspired me to make them. I love making bespoke items so check out the gallery of gifts I have made in the past to see if you would love something similar

Something else? Let’s talk

Let’s co-create!

Ready for an adventure? There are several ways for us to collaborate.



in person playshops

contact me

I would love to connect with you if you are just taking your first steps as an artist

or would like to be an artist – and are hearing doubt and ‘I can’t’ and ‘who am I to do this …?’

Together we can clear the resistance and design your first steps. I will hold the space of you as an artist until you believe it yourself.

I would love to connect with you if you are want to learn to meditate and relax

Together we can find what really works for you ( I have a huge tool kit of proven techniques!). You can create a sacred space (or several) and a daily practice that you can stick to.

I have a huge toolkit of proven techniques to draw from. Many of them are art-based.

I am an accredited psycho-spiritual counsellor – that means I recognise you as a Divine Spiritual Being at your essence, with all the human experience stuff on top. I understand that we are co-creators of our life experience. I am listed on the BRCP held by the icnm.

Over the years I have tried, studied & practised many healing modalities & philosophies; nowadays I draw on any or all of them to create bespoke experiences for you which offer healing.

Healing is an emotionally loaded word. Let’s explore the idea for a moment.

We usually have a clear expectation of what healing should be but … we actually do not know what would be healing for anyone in a given situation. It might not be what we expect. All we can do is provide the optimal conditions for the body-mind intelligence to re-balance.

healing – or whole-ing – to make whole: the wisdom here is that when we negate or neglect aspects of our Selves, those aspects are still operating in our experience – whether we are aware of them or not. By embracing all of our Self – especially the bits we don’t like – we come into wholeness and balance, and greater awareness of which aspect of us is in the driving seat at any time.

Relaxation: Taking many forms but providing a temporary respite from our constant mind chatter. (Judgement, Criticism, Regrets, Doubts, Excuses ….). When practised (it is a learned skill for most of us) it becomes lasting and easier to be in a relaxed state than not.

Meditation: I saved the most important for last. Meditation is all of the above. It is returning to the pre-manifested state of pure consciousness. (Or as close as we can get to it whilst in physical form). It is the place where the body and mind can rest and repair. Where body wisdom can be felt. Where Inspiration can be received. It is the alignment of body-mind-soul. Anything can be meditation. You are probably doing it already – in which case do it more!

Here I have to point out that I am not a doctor, nor do I offer medical advice, nor am I a substitute for it. What I do know is that anything that helps you clear your mind and body of stress will enable your body to heal. Anytime you are in bliss, joy, peace, gratitude, alignment and the ‘now’ moment, you are will enable your body-mind to heal.

Help is help. All is god. All is medicine. If you find what you need to heal/whole in allopathic medicine great. If you find it in complementary medicine great.

As of August 2016, I am creating this site as I go. If you cant’t find anything, please contact me. In fact, contact me anyway – I’d love to connect with you. Ex